Adrianne N. Hilts Author Page

Adrianne Hilts is an American author in her mid-thirties that grew up in the hustle and bustle of sunny, southern California in the 90’s. After a brief stint in the United States Coast Guard, she took a few years to figure out where she belonged in the world. Once she became a mother, she traded a life of moving from place to place on a whim, for a small town in central Iowa and is loving it. Along with her husband and three kids, she bought a house in the country with her sister and her children. Aside from a love of writing, she also enjoys reading, music, singing, video games, movies and making cakes.
She also has a love of animals. She currently has one dog and three cats but would have a LOT more if she were allowed. Luckily, her husband is able to keep her fairly grounded when it comes to adding pets to the family.
She has had many paranormal experiences throughout her life, that led to a fascination with spirits and what happens after we die. She was even part of a paranormal investigation team for a little while. Her interest in the paranormal also extends to the magical. Fairies, Elves, Mermaids, and magic, have always held a special place in her heart, and she may have a slight obsession with them.
At an early age, Adrianne fell in love with books and read everything from Shakespeare to Dean Koontz. While she had always enjoyed making up stories with her sister on their small recorder, it was in 7th grade that she realized how much she enjoyed writing. She began with long essays and book reports, and with her English teacher’s guidance, she moved up to poems. She continued to write and expanded to screenplays, short stories and eventually novels.